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12 - 05 - 2008



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Billige Toms Sko Government thrives on our fears.Billige Toms Sko When we’re scared, politicians are always there, promising to protect us if we just give them more money and power. We usually do.
Billige Toms Sko I got into an argument about that with the hosts of the Fox show “Outnumbered,”Billige Toms Sko which pits one man against four women in debate. The “Outnumbered” hosts are not the usual silly socialist media alarmists. They often report on the harm big government does.Billige Toms Sko But last summer, with government warning about Ebola being an “incredibly transmissible” disease and media shrieking, “Are hospitals ready?” all four women were alarmed.
They wanted government to do something.Billige Toms Sko Quarantine? Ban flights from Africa? Hire more doctors? Government must do something!
Billige Toms Sko I pushed back, saying, “You women get too scared; you exaggerate the risk.” I know that was sexist.Billige Toms Sko But I also think it’s true -- women fear more. Am I wrong? I’m open to counter-argument.
I told the TV hosts that I believed more Americans would be killed by deer than Ebola.Billige Toms Sko They laughed at me, but I was serious, and in fact,Billige Toms Sko that year only one American died from Ebola, but almost 200 were killed by deer (most from their cars colliding with deer).
Billige Toms Sko But we don’t fear deer. This Saturday, no one will wear scary deer costumes.Billige Toms Sko No Halloween party will feature scary replicas of cars. We’re accustomed to cars and deer. New threats frighten us -- and threats that seem new.
Billige Toms Sko Like school shootings. After the last horrible mass shooting,Billige Toms Sko Hillary Clinton implied that school has become more dangerous. She demanded new gun controls, asking, “How many people have to die before we actually act ?”

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