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12 - 05 - 2008



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toms Sko billig Every shooting is terrible, and governments often respond by hiring increased security and running “lockdown drills” that terrify kids.toms Sko billig Politicians say these steps are needed because mass shootings are up.
But they are not.toms Sko billig School violence is actually down. There were almost four times as many deaths back in 1994.
toms Sko billig People fear today’s resurgence of violent crime. The head of the FBI says he thinks the “War on Cops” led some officers to be less aggressive,toms Sko billig and that’s why crime has risen a little in some cities.
toms Sko billig But he had no hard evidence to back up what he said.
toms Sko billig Crime is up in a few cities, but the percentage increase is dramatic only because the crime rates in those cities had fallen very low.toms Sko billig “Take New York City. Homicides up 8 percent this year,” says Northeastern University criminology professor James Alan Fox, “but it’s 35 percent lower than five years ago.”
Overall, crime continues to fall.toms Sko billig Really. The FBI just released the most recent data, which says violent crime is down. Again.
toms Sko billig But what about that “War on Cops”? It’s true that in some neighborhoods, police making arrests often face an angry crowd screaming “racism,”toms Sko billig and 32 officers have been killed with guns this year. That’s tragic, but it’s not an increase. Actually, today is an especially safe time to be a police officer. Adjusted for the change in population, 2013 saw fewer police deaths than any year since 1887, and if this year’s trend continues, 2015 will have the lowest number of police killings in decades.
Fear is a friend of the state.toms Sko billig When people are frightened, they willingly give money and power to politicians and bureaucrats.
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