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12 - 05 - 2008



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toms Sko for salg The FBI agents surely heard Clinton mislead Congress when she answered a hard question toms Sko for salg about arms going to rebels by saying “I think the answer is no” and again when she answered a question about arming private militias by saying it may have been considered but wasn't toms Sko for salg “seriously” considered. And they heard her directly commit perjury when she was asked whether she knew about our country's supplying arms to Libyan rebels directly or indirectly and she answered,toms Sko for salg “No.”
toms Sko for salg How could she answer "no"? She not only knew about the sending of arms to rebels but also personally authored and authorized it.toms Sko for salg How could she answer "no"? The FBI and CIA advised her -- in documents that are now public -- that U.S. arms were making their way to known al-Qaida operatives.toms Sko for salg How could she answer "no"? This reached a crisis point when some of those operatives used their American-made weapons to murder U.S. Ambassador toms Sko for salg Christopher Stevens at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.
toms Sko for salg Then the cover-up began. At the same time Clinton was telling her daughter and the Egyptian prime minister within hours toms Sko for salg of Stevens’ death that al-Qaida killed him and after the CIA told her the plot to kill Stevens had been hatched 12 days earlier, she told the public that toms Sko for salg Stevens was killed by spontaneous demonstrators angered about a cheap anti-Islam video, the producer of which she vowed to “get.” She later angrily dismissed questions over this cover-up by arguing,toms Sko for salg “What difference, at this point, does it make?”
toms Sko for salg The difference it makes goes to the heart of the American electoral process. Every four years,toms Sko for salg we entrust awesome power to a person who swears to protect the Constitution. How could we give that power to a consistent public liar who, for personal political gain, midwifed terror and chaos toms Sko for salg in a country that was our ally and whose words and behavior have continually demonstrated that she is utterly unworthy of belief?
toms Sko for salg Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey,toms Sko for salg is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel.

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